Portable Sanitary Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Cans R Us in Central Minnesota we maintain modern sanitary facilities, each available to meet the demands of a variety of uses. Our portable toilets and related products are inherently rugged, designed to be as sanitary as possible, and come equipped with additional features to meet your needs. From construction sites and house parties, to town festivals and outdoor weddings, we have the mobile sanitary facilities suitable for any situation.

Standard Portable Restroom Unit from CANS R US, LLC

Standard Portable Toilet Units

Our standard Porta Potties are suitable for most temporary restroom needs and come equipped with necessary sanitary and safety features to provide added value.

Convenient Features Include:

  • A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Inside Each Unit
  • Translucent Roofs to Allow as Much Light as Possible
  • Easily Readable 'Available' & 'In-Use' Indicators
  • Stocked Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer
  • Anti-Slip Flooring
  • Lighting Available

At Cans R Us we own and maintain a growing number of portable rental toilets and have plenty available for your next event or party. Contact us to arrange delivery or to receive a quote.

Wheelchair / ADA Portable Toilet Units

Our Wheelchair Accessible Models meet American Disability Association (ADA) portable toilet guidelines. Designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind, our ADA Toilet Models are the largest portable restroom units we carry. Everything about these portable sanitary units is designed for easy accessibility:

  • Roll-In Ground Level Access
  • Interior Handrails
  • An Oversized, Self-Closing Door
  • Spacious Interior
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Fully Stocked Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer
  • Lighting Available

While designed for wheelchairs, these units are also ideal for family events when parents need to accompany children to the restroom or for elderly users. The added space, handrails, and ground level access make a trip to the bathroom just that much easier. Contact us for availability, to receive a quote, or to arrange delivery.

Portable Handwashing Station from CANS R US, LLC

Portable Handwashing Stations

When it comes to hand washing, it’s about having safe, usable water and sanitizing soap. At CANS R US, LLC our full handwashing stations deliver on all of the above. Complete with four sinks, clean water, soap, and a paper towel dispenser, our portable handwash set-ups provide added comfort and are an extended sanitation option for any event.

Features of Our Portable Handwashing Station Include:

  • Completely Contained Fresh & Gray Water Right Within the Unit
  • Water Capacity: 43 Gallon Fresh Water
  • Estimated 600+ Uses Without Refilling
  • Soap & Paper Towel Dispensers Included (Full Stocked Prior to Delivery)

Our Handwashing Set-Ups can be accompanied with our Standard Units, our ADA Units or as stand-alone stations. Contact us with questions or to request a quote.