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Portable Toilet Rentals & Related Sanitation Services

Whether you call them rental toilets, porta Johns, porta-potties, portable restrooms, portable toilets, outdoor portable bathrooms, biffys or some other term, CANS R US, LLC can rent them, deliver them and clean them for your next event or worksite.

With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in rental toilets. Offering Standard and Wheelchair ADA Units, we are continually upgrading our models and deliver anywhere in Central MN. But it doesn't just end with delivery, our portable toilet rentals come pristinely clean, fully stocked, and are accompanied with professional servicing if needed.

Portable Toilet Rentals

At CANS R US, LLC we provide portable toilet rentals to individuals, organizations, event planners, and municipalities. Whether you need a single rental toilet for a backyard bonfire or 20 plus units for a music festival or town event, we can provide the timely delivery and optimal cleaning services you need. Often used during home graduation parties or backyard reunions, our portable toilet rentals can save your home / property from negative septic system impacts often experienced with an influx of restroom use.

Our Portable Toilet Rental Services Include:

  • Same-Day or Next-Day Delivery
  • Day, Weekend & Monthly Rentals
  • Long-Term or One-Time Use
  • *Long-Term Rentals include Weekly Cleanings
  • Ability to Accommodate Any Sized Event - Weddings, Construction Needs, Community Festivals, Music Events, House Parties, etc.
  • Fully Stocked Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer Upon Delivery
  • Emergency Servicing Available

*Long Term Rentals

When you contract a long-term toilet rental from CANS R US, LLC you will also receive the professional services that accompany that rental. On a weekly basis we will service your portable toilet rental, which includes:

  • Tank Pumping
  • Full Rinse & Sanitization of the Unit
  • Toilet Paper Replenishing
  • Hand Sanitizer Refilling

Servicing of Privately Owned Toilet Units

Many individuals own a private portable toilet, as they work perfect for lake cabins, hunting shacks or in areas that do not have adequate septic plumbing. The downfall, maintaining your portable toilet; this is where we come in. At Cans R Us we offer servicing of your privately owned porta-potty... it's just another way that "We'll take care of YOUR business!"

As a private owner, you can retain or contract our company's services on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You can also contact us for one-time servicing or emergency servicing if needed.

It's hard to provide an exact time when it comes to privately owned units; most of them are not serviced as often as they should be so the servicing usually takes a little longer. In the end, we always take the time needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize the unit, making a significant difference in fragrance and overall appearance.

At Cans R Us, our servicing of a privately owned toilet unit includes: A thorough cleaning of the unit using a sanitary rinse and freshwater spray hose, along with pumping and cleaning the tank. We then setup the tank with new chemicals (which break down the waste) and water, and spray a quick-drying disinfectant inside the entire unit.

Our certified sanitary technicians will travel the same distance as we do with our rental toilets, which is a 30-mile radius around Swanville, Minnesota.

Pumping of Camper & RV Holding Tanks

Based in Central Minnesota we recognize that many area residents camp, for many it’s an integral part of their summers. Unfortunately it often comes with the not-so-fun task of empting the camper holding tank. Fortunately, with Cans R Us, there’s no need to visit a dump station or take-on that task on your own. That's right, our certified pump trucks and haulers will come to you and provide the convenient tank pumping services you need.

In a short length of time we can pump your camper or RV’s holding tanks, emptying both black and gray water tanks. We can also provide any additional sanitization services that may be needed. Continue camping or bring the camper straight home, either way we can do the on-site pumping work for you.

Attention Campground Owners

CANS R US, LLC is also available for entire campground servicing throughout Central Minnesota. Contact us to contract our pumping and toilet sanitization services.